Bowser is not much of an appearance as in the flesh but as a puppet that King Boo uses to defeat Luigi and trap him in a painting like Mario.

In the gameEdit

Though Bowser makes a appearance in many Mario games, he never was used as a model to fight. This may have been a surprise to new players.

Timeline in the gameEdit

Bowser was never thought to be in the game until 1 point. When the player gets the last of Marios lost items and gives it to Madem Clayrvoia and she says she sees Bowser even though Mario beat him. Bowser's cameo contiues until the blackout in the Mansion. When Luigi talks to the Toad on the phone, He'll ask if this is Bowser or Luigi and if you answer Bowser, he will scream and hang up.Bowser is hidden once more until Luigi fights king boo. Once king Boo is defeated and put him through the ghost portificazinezer, not only King Boo gos in, but also Bowsers head. Finnaly Bowser and King Boo, The Dasterdly Duo is imprisoned in a painting

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