Luigi in Luigi's Mansion
Gender Male
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Poltergust 3000
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion (however His first appearance in general was Mario Bros)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Current Status(es) Alive
Relative(s) Mario - Brother

Professor E. Gadd - Ally

Luigi is the main character of the Luigi's Mansion series and the hero of both games.


Luigi's MansionEdit

In the first game, Luigi won a mansion, but, the mansion was a trap to capture Mario, Luigi meets Professor E. Gadd, who gives to Luigi, the Poltergust 3000. Luigi captured all the Portrait Ghosts, defeated King Boo and frees Mario. Depend how much money you get, a new mansion or house will appear.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark MoonEdit

In the second game, the Dark Moon pieces falls into three different mansions and Professor E. Gadd asked to Luigi to get all of the pieces of the Dark Moon.

Relations with other charactersEdit


Mario is Luigi's older twin brother. Despite their lifelong sibling rivalry and Luigi's jealousy toward Mario, Mario and Luigi have always maintained a unique "brotherly love" for each other which is further proven when Luigi rescues his brother in Luigi's Mansion.

King BooEdit

Luigi first met King Boo in the Gamecube launch title Luigi's Mansion where King Boo had tricked Luigi into thinking he had won a mansion in a contest. Luigi soon found out that it was a trap to kidnap Mario, and later himself. Luigi manages to rescue Mario from the painting in the Mansion and trap King Boo himself inside a painting. After these events, Luigi and King Boo have since been bitter enemies. However despite this rivalry between the two, King Boo is able to act civil to Luigi when Luigi confronts him at the end of Luigi's Mansion.


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Luigi doing his Luigi's Mansion Dance!

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