Luigi's Mansion: Ghost Catcher
European Boxart
Developer(s) Ghost Company Co.
Publisher(s) Ghost Company Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) AR Game
Release Date(s)
25pxJapan December 13, 2012.

25pxUSA TBA 2013

25pxEurope TBA 2013

Ghost Catch, Time Trial.
Media Included 3DS Game Card

Downloadble Game

Luigi's Mansion: Ghost Catcher is a eShop downloadble game released only in Japan in December 13, 2012 and planned to be released in USA in 2013. The first 3DS game by the Ghost Company Co., the game features AR system from 3DS. The game will be re-released in 2013 for the European audience.

3DS eShop's DescritpionEdit

"Luigi is back and the ghosts too! Now they are in your house!. Use the poltergust and your skills to get them' all and defeat King Boo at the end. Post your records in the Ghost Catch or in the Time Trial Mode, try to be the best ghost catcher in the world!"


The ghosts are released from the Poltergust 3000 and now their are on your house! Use the Poltergust 3000 to suck them up!


The game works like Pokémon Dream Radar, the objective of the player is catching all the ghosts, to find the ghosts, the player needs move the 3DS and find them, when the player find them, they needs press A to suck them. There's two modes: Ghost Catch and Time Trial. In Ghost Catch, the player needs capture ghosts until they die, in this mode, you need complete 4 levels, in the end you find King Boo, in Time Trial, the players needs capture a certain number of ghosts until the timer runs out.


Beta ElementsEdit

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