Ghastly Con 2012's DemoEdit

In the Ghastly Con 2012 demo, the game was different, the original name was "Luigi's Ghost Mansion 3DS", saying which originally the game was supposed to be a stand-alone sequel of the Nintendo Land's Luigi's Ghost Mansion minigame. The game was different too. The ghost icon and the life counter doesn't exist on the demo and the only enemies was the Boos. Originally, Spooky would help the player saying where the Ghosts was, that was scrapped.


In the earlier interviews about the game, one of the directors said: "Ghost Catcher will feature multiplayer via the Nintendo WFC Connection, making possible two players on the same house explore the game.". In the Ghastly Con 2012's trailer, two players can be seen, also, the second player was a Mii. This was scrapped.


Using a action-replay code, the player access a hidden mode called "Mario Mode", which basically is the same thing, the only change is which you play as Mario.