Luigi's Mansion is a TV-Series released during 2001 to celebrate the release of the original Luigi's Mansion, will be back in 2013 with the release of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Unlike the games, this TV series features voice-over for all the characters with computer animated characters.

Seasons and EpisodesEdit

Season 1 (2001)Edit

Name Release Date Description Notes
Welcome to the Mansion! Setember 27, 2001 "Luigi woned a mansion!, but, he discovered which the mansion... has ghosts!"

This episode is a extra on the Japanese Version of the game.

Bookish-Father Setember 28, 2001 "Luigi now has to help a crazy professor named Elvin Gadd in his quest to catch all the ghosts of the mansion, the first is... Neville!"

The only episode to feature Neville.

Mirror-Mother Setember 30, 2001 "Neville was captured, now it's time to capture another ghost, Lydia."

The only episode to feature Lydia.

The Spoiled Baby (Part One) October 1, 2001 "Elvin finded more ghosts in the second area of the mansion, but, to reach there, Luigi needs capture Chancey..."

This is the only episode of the Season One to feature Elvin Gadd as a Minor Character.

The Spoiled Baby (Part Two) October 2, 2001 "Luigi finded Chancey, but, Chancey grown up! This is time to Luigi battle against Chancey."

This episode is more focused on the battle against Luigi and Chancey. Those are the only characters featured in this episode.

Also, this is the first episode to don't feature E. Gadd.

The Dancing Couple October 4, 2001 "Luigi reached the second floor, his next objective is capture the Floating Whirlindas."

Luigi's misspells the Elvin Gadd name on the start of the episode, calling him Ed Gadd.

King Boo and the Boo's Army October 5, 2001 "Professor E. Gadd finded a strange force coming from the storage room and sended Luigi to find what is on there." King Boo's debut.
Boobusters October 6, 2001 "Luigi decided to look for the Boos on the mansion that he released on the previous episode." The most shortest episode on the first season: 30min, while other episodes has 40 to 55 minutes.
Luigi's Ghost Future October 9, 2001 "Luigi finded Madame Clairvoya and she decided to give a quest to Luigi to him find several Mario items to her tells his future."

The second episode which doesn't features E. Gadd.

The Wandering Butter October 11, 2001 "Elvin Gadd discovered another portrait Ghost, Shivers, Luigi has to capture him without he notes." King Boo's second apparence, he is mentioned by Shivers.
The Beatiful Piantist October 14, 2001 "Luigi finded Melody Pianissima and Luigi has to complete her Musical Quest to capture her." Unlike the original game, Melody Pianissma plays the Super Mario World's Main Theme and the Super Mario 64's Slide Theme
The Glutton October 17, 2001 "Luigi's next objective is to capture Mr. Luggs, the Glutton." The third episode which doesn't feature Elvin Gadd.
The Hungry Guard Dog October 28, 2001 "Professor E. Gadd finded the penultimate portrait ghost at the back of the mansion. Luigi has to capture Spooky." This episode has been created in 11 days, this is the most longest episode of the Season One.
Cemetery Shadow (Part One) October 30, 2001 "E. Gadd located a strange ghost in the cemetery of the Mansion, Luigi has to fight against a mysterious shadow named "Bogmire". The episode said which Luigi fights against Bogmire, but, he fights against Bogmire Shadow, which is a clone of Bogmire.
Cemetery Shadow (Part Two) November 2, 2001 "Luigi finded the real Bogmire, the battle has just started." Professor E. Gadd make a appearance at the ending of this episode, making this the only "second-part" episode to feature E. Gadd.
Mario!? November 5, 2001 "Luigi reached the King Boo's Altar and he discovered where Mario is and where King Boo is." The only episode to not focus in Luigi and the fourth episode to don't feature Professor Elvin Gadd.
Boobusters II November 6, 2001 "Luigi is back in the Area Two, now he is looking for Boos." This episode has been only created due the delay of the next episode.
The Body Builder November 9, 2001 "Professor Elvin Gadd searched and finded another ghost, but, a strong one." Biff Atlas is spelled wrong on this episode, named "Biff Datlas".
The Bathing Beauty November 11, 2001 "The next portrait ghost is in... the bath!? Luigi nows has to fight against Miss Petunia." The fifth episode to don't feature Professor E. Gadd.
The Scarf Knitting Granny November 13, 2001 "Elvin telled to Luigi to he capture the next portrait Ghost, Nana, at the kitchen." Surpisngly, this episode is the most viewed episode of the Season One.
The Lonely Pool Shark November 14, 2001 "Luigi needs capture Slim Bankshot, to do this, he has to defeat him in a Pool Match." 

The sixth episode to don't feature Professor E. Gadd.

On the official American Website, a game based on the Pool Match of this episode was released.

The Twin Brothers November 17, 2001 "Elvin Gadd is now helping Luigi to he fight against the next portrait ghost: Henry and Orville." The first full apperance of E. Gadd on the Season One.
The Freaky Fortune Teller November 20, 2001 "Madame Clairvoya is the next portrait ghost! Luigi needs capture her!" Madame Clairvoya is the only non-area boss portrait ghost to appear twice on the series.
The Jumbo Ghost (Part One) November 23, 2001 "E. Gadd and Luigi decided to capture the remain Boo ghosts on that area." The second full apperance of E. Gadd on the Season One.
The Jumbo Ghost (Part Two) November 28, 2001 "A giant Boo named Boolossus appeared! Luigi has to capture him now!" The seventh episode to don't feature E. Gadd.
Hermit of the Darkness November 30, 2001. "The mansion goes dark, E. Gadd disappeared, and Luigi has to capture Uncle Grimmy." The eighteen episode to don't feature E. Gadd, but, the only episode to explain why he doesn't appears. He reappears on the last episode.
The Toy Platoon December 2, 2001 "Luigi now has to capture the Clockwork Soldiers in a place named... eh... Clockwork Room." The Clockwork Soldiers are named differently on the Japanese version of this episode, named Toy Guardians.
The Dozing Girl December 3, 2001 "Luigi has to capture Sue Pea, the Dozing Girl." The second most shortest episode: 32min.
The Jar Collector December 4, 2001 "Luigi captured Sue, now, it's tmie to visit the Jar Room and find... a strange looking vase." This episode has the same lenght as the previous episode.
The Chilly Climber December 7, 2001 "The mansion is frozen! To un-frozen it, Luigi has to defeat Sir Weston." In American dub, he is named Wiston.
The Starving Artist December 9, 2001 "Luigi finded the painting room, now it's time to defeat Vincent Von Gore." In American dub, he is the only character who speaks francese.
The Dastardly Duo! (Part One) December 11, 2001 "Luigi reached the rooftop, and Bowser is back!? Luigi has to defeat Bowser." King Boo doesn't not appear on this episode, although, in the Japanese Dub, he is called King Boowser.
The Dastardly Duo! (Part One) December 11, 2001 "Luigi reached the rooftop, and Bowser is back!? Luigi has to defeat Bowser." King Boo doesn't not appear on this episode, although, in the Japanese Dub, he is called King Boowser.
The Dastardly Duo! (Part Two) December 12, 2001 "Bowser is defeated! Now it's time to defeat King Boo once for all!" Petey Piranha is mentioned on this episode by King Boo
Epilogue December 14, 2001 "Bowser and King Boo has been defeated, the mansion was back to normal, Mario and E. Gadd was back and now it's time to make a party on the Mansion!" This is the last episode, and the most longest.
Luigi's Christmas Prank December 25, 2012 "Luigi's friends decided to make a prank on him, remaking the Ghost Mansion." This is the only episode which doesn't get aired on TV. It's only for the Luigi's Ghostly Christmas DVD.

Season 2 (2013)Edit

Still unknown, it's possible be based on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


Season OneEdit

  1. Luigi's Ghastly New Mansion (Setember 30, 2001):
    • Released along the Japanese Version of Luigi's Mansion, featuring the first three episodes: Welcome to the MansionBookish-Father and Mirror-Mother.
  2. Luigi vs. The Spoiled Baby! (October 6, 2001)
    • Released with a Demo Disc of Luigi's Mansion. This DVD contains five episodes: the two parts of The Spoiled Baby episode, The Dancing CoupleKing Boo and the Boo's Army and Boobusters.
  3. The Luigi's Ghostly Future (October 27, 2001)
    • This DVD contains four episodes: Luigi's Ghost FutureThe Wandering ButterThe Beatiful Butter and The Glutton.
  4. Spooky Catch! (November 12, 2001)
    • This DVD contains seven episodes: The Hungry Guard Dog, the two parts of the Cemetery Shadow episode, Mario!?Boobusters IIThe Body Builder and The Bathing Beauty.
  5. Nana at Kitchen! (December 1, 2001)
    • This DVD contains seven episodes: The Scarf Knitting GrannyThe Lonely Pool SharkThe Twin BrothersThe Freaky Fortune Teller, the two parts of The Jumbo Ghost episode and Hermit of Darkness.
  6. Path to King Boo (December 10, 2001)
    • This DVD contains five episodes: The Toy PlatoonThe Dozing GirlThe Jar CollectorThe Chilly Climber and The Starving Artist.
  7. King Boo's Battle! (December 15, 2001)
    • This DVD contains three episodes: The two parts of the The Dastardly Duo episode and Epilogue.
  8. Luigi's Ghostly Christmas Special! (December 25, 2001)
    • This DVD contains one episode: A chiristmas special named Luigi's Christmas Prank.


  • Oddly, the TV Series aired before the game was even released on USA.