The mansion is the main location in luigi's mansion and was built by the boo's to trick mario and Luigi .                                                                                                         OVERVIEW.                              The mansion is overall dark and gloomy and looks very old and decrepit and it house's the portrait ghost's that escaped.                TRIVA.                                                                                                It was built by the boo's just to trick mario and Luigi.It is the main area of the first game.It's not even real.It was tore down by egad to built luigis's new mansion. In the beta the mansion appears to be much shorter and and darker than what the final version appears to be. Many rooms in the original beta were changed or were cut

from the final version of the game. This is proven during  space world 2000 game play showing box's that have closed off many different parts of the mansion and planks that have in closed many rooms in the beta of the game. It is also worth mentioning that many room had different names and were in different placements too. Plus it was much darker .