The Luigi's Mansion series is a series created in 2001 with the Gamecube's launch title named: Luigi's Mansion and the 2013's sequel named Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The games involves Luigi as the main protagonist, as he visits mansions in order to complete missions. In the end, he fights against King Boo/Gallery


Main GamesEdit

Cover Name Description Platform Release Date
Lmcover Luigi's Mansion Luigi won a mansion, Mario go first to check the mansion and never returns, Luigi decides to go visit it, and finds a ghost, E. Gadd pulls the ghost using the Poltergust 3000, Professor Elvin Gadd asks for Luigi to get all the ghosts on the mansion, including the Boos and the Portrait Ghosts. Nintendo GameCube 25pxJapan Setember 24, 2001
25pxUSA November 17, 2001
25pxEurope May 3, 2002
25pxAustralia May 17, 2002
Lm2boxart Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon King Boo returns and destroys the Dark Moon, making the Ghosts that worked with E. Gadd go mad and attack him, E. Gadd calls Luigi to help, Luigi gains a upgraded model of the Poltergust named, Poltergust 5000, Luigi needs to find all the pieces of the Dark Moon that are hidden on four different mansions. Nintendo 3DS 25pxJapan March 20, 2013
25pxUSA March 24, 2013
25pxEurope25pxAustralia March 28, 2013
Lm3boxart Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi goes to the Last Resort hotel with his friends. However, an unexpected turn occurs when the hotel darkens... Nintendo Switch 25pxJapan October 30, 2019
25pxUSA October 30, 2019
25pxEurope25pxAustralia October 30, 2019
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