Matilda (ghost)
Matilda Portrait
Matilda's Gold Portrait
Current Age 9
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Female
Species Ghost
Living Town  ???
Class Portait Ghost
Main Weapon(s) Telapathy
Main Element(s) Pyschic
Vulnerable to Polter Gust
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion 3:Peek-a-Boo
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion 3:Peek-a-Boo
Current Status(es) Ghost
Main Ability/ies  ???
Affiliation(s) Ghosts
Alias(es)  ???
Relative(s)  ???

Matilda is a fan made ghost for the Luigi's Mansion games and is battled randomly throughout the game. She is largely based on the fictional character Matilda from Roald Dahl's book by the same name.

Strategies of DefeatEdit

  • Luigi should wait until Matida walks towards a door and suck the door to hit her, this makes her go mad and her heart is now reachable.
  • You can wait until she swirls around but this is fairly tricky, as she covers her heart with her hands for this part.



  • Matilda is the only portrait ghost who is battled more than once.
  • It is unkown how she is battled more than once but it is possible that King Boo manged to free her again.
  • She looks almost exactly like Melody Pianissima and may be her sister.