A basic Male Mii.
Gender Male or Female (Depend of the Mii)
Species Mii
First Appearance Mii Channel
Latest Appearance Nintendo Land

Mii are the avatar of the players. The Miis originally are going to be a part of the NES, but, was canceled. The Mii's first appeared on the Wii's Channel named "Mii Channel" and appear in many games. The Miis has been re-used on the Wii U and they first appeared on the Luigi's Mansion series on the Wii's Launch Title, Nintendo Land.

Game ApperancesEdit

Nintendo LandEdit

Luigi's Ghost MansionEdit

The Mii's only apperance on the Luigi's Mansion series is with the Nintendo Land's Luigi Mansion minigame, named Luigi's Ghost Mansion. One Mii take the role as a Gold Ghost and him needs to defeat all the other Mii's dressed like Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi.